(Learn How) How I Made 123,300k, Qualified for Stockholm with Just 20k Using Oriflame Products | WELCOME

(Learn How) How I Made 123,300k, Qualified for Stockholm with Just 20k Using Oriflame Products

My story about my encounter with Oriflame Products will inspire you to make a wise decision today. Build and prepare for the future, work from home, earn money while you work in your office. Please, read carefully and for more info join my WhatsApp Group.

My name is Peace BabaAli Malgwi. I am a wife, a pastor and serial entrepreneur from Borno State and this is a little about my journey so far with Oriflame

I met oriflame at a time in my life when I was between life and death in my banking career. I was so sick I was practically living on analgesics

This business opportunity came as a rescue but I considered it risky since I had failed in other network marketing businesses before.

 Did I feel fear?
Oh Yes, more than you can ever imagine

I started this business at a point in my life when I was fed up.

Having been in banking for 5 years and so dissatisfied with my job, I knew something had to happen else my life would be a mess.

My health was threatening because I have experienced migraine for about 17 years of my life and when I started banking it became worse.

I was practically living on analgesics and I was loosing my mind.

 I started to work with zenith bank and then I moved to First bank in search of greener pastures. After about 2 years I decided to move to access bank where my salary doubled what I was earning in first bank.

But guess what? The more money I had, the more stressful it got and I was gradually loosing it!

 One day I came to work and wrote my resignation letter having discussed with my husband the night before, he said it was ok to leave.


Nothing to fall back on

 Before leaving banking in April of 2016, I had registered for oriflame in December of 2015 but I registered just for my personal use. Though in January of the same year I made sales among my banking colleagues then and Oriflame paid me 23k but I honestly didn't think it was anything much because I was already earning 338k salary in access bank

 When I left work in April, I came back to stay at home without doing anything.

As if to say God wanted to set me up, in June of the same month state government stopped paying my husband salary due to verification.

So we were 2 jobless individuals living in the same house 😁😁
 For 7 month hubby had no salary.

It was rough

Depression almost killed me

But the fighter in me just won't accept defeat.

I told myself that if anything had to change then I must make it happen💪🏼💪🏼

But I didn't know what to do.

One day my husband suggested I take a second look at the oriflame business since I had signed up already, that was after abandoning the business for 7 months😳

Where would I start from??

Even my sponsor had stopped and I had lost contact with him

 I decided to take a second look at the oriflame business and I read the success plan leaders edition book that I was given in the first month cover to cover in 2 days. It was a 75 pages book.

That was when I first saw the oriflame compensation plan

 I studied the comp plan and I saw that I can make exactly what I was making in access bank within a year or less if I put in the work.

I decided that if I can just make exactly what I was making in access bank, I will be ok.

So I went to work

 Remember hubby and I were practically jobless so I borrowed money from a friend plus the stippend hubby earns from his PP (medical doctor), I bought products and started selling
 I sold and sold that month and I started talking to people about the business.

That month oriflame paid me 57k, See excitement
 I told myself that if that effort could yield 57m it means if I x2 my effort I can make more.

Your guess is as good as mine, I multiplied my effort and the money kept increasing

I decided to take my destiny into my hands and take my oriflame business to the next level. Thank God for support from my mentor Blessing.

6 months later I earned my first 6 figure income with this company precisely N123,300
I can't tell you how excited I felt that day, the alert weak me😁not because I had never earned 100k before but because I made this one from the comfort of my home, no waking up 5am and closing work 9pm

The next six months my income increased and I became a director and also collected a cash award of 150k in addition to what I earn.

 I also had the time of my life this august and I am just getting started.
I am qualified for Stockholm and then Los Angeles in 2020 is loading seriously...

 Today, a business I started with just 20k has brought me before kings. I wine and dine with ambassadors and founders of 51 year old multibillion dollar European beauty company, I almost can't believe it, but with oriflame nothing is too good to be true!
Join me while I unveil how you can make more earning while I guide you through all the process and you will see yourself making it big this New Year...

Comment below for any questions

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